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Ren was my first show dog, entrusted to me by Janice Cook of Foxbell Smooth Collies. He exceeded all my expectations from the first day he arrived at home. He has a very well-balanced calm temperament, with a desire to learn and work in a partnership with me. He has the nickname of ‘golden child’ as he almost never puts a foot wrong, it has little to do with his coat colour.

Ren gained has gained the following show and sport titles over the years, and before he retired he succeeded in titling in the show ring, obedience, rally obedient and his greatest love, herding.


Ren was the first Collie (Rough or Smooth) in Australia to gain the title of Herding Novice A course sheep.  He also gained one pass at Intermediate level, before he was retired from stock work.

Ever my companion and at my feet, Ren is the most amazing dog with a winning personality.


He is everything I believe a Collie should be, and has also had the opportunity to influence Australian bloodlines.


Ren has sired two litters; one with T Ch. Brafferton Night Navigator HSAs in June 2015 and the second with Ch. Foxbell Very Finished HT in August 2018. These litters have produced multiple show Champions (including a Best in Show), Neuter Champions, Tracking Champions and Track & Search Champions, along with progeny that have excelled in Flyball, Scent Work, Lure Coursing and Herding. They can do it all.

FUN FACTS: Ren is named after Kevin Bacon’s character in Footloose, Ren McCormack.  Ren is also Japanese for ‘lotus’ and ‘love or romance’.  Ren is from the Foxbell ‘R’ litter.

Sable & White Collie (Smooth)
DOB: 18/12/2010

Sire: Ch. Carluke By Design

Dam: Ch. Foxbell First Kiss 

View Ren's pedigree

Ch. Foxbell First Romance CD RE HNAs
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