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Mackie completed his Herding Started A Course Duck title today at the Australian Shepherd Club of Victoria trial. He got two lovely passes, both 96/100.  He only needed one to qualify, so the second was to prove it wasn’t a fluke.


20th January 2024


At the first Herding trial of the year, Mackie got two first place passes in Started A Course Ducks. Thank you to the Australian Shepherd Club of Victoria.

13th January 2024


Mackie and Zandee were entered in the Royal Melbourne Show and conducted themselves beautifully.  Mackie was also lucky enough to win Reserve Challenge Dog.  Here they are chilling out after their classes.

28th September 2023

Mackie completed his Herding Novice A Course Sheep title at the Victorian Herding Association trial in Chiltern.  He then nabbed another pass on some very tricky and annoyed sheep stuck.  He went slowly and patiently and we passed with 20 secs to spare on the clock – phew!  At times it felt like a Mexican standoff, but he sure proved that he can hold his ground in a staring competition to get results.

10th September 2023

A single run at a small trial held by the Victorian Herding Association in Coimadai and a successful one at that, with Mackie getting another Novice A Course Sheep pass.

13th August 2023
8th & 9th July 2023

Big weekend up at Chiltern with the Victorian Herding Association trial.  Mackie had six runs all up on two different courses, a couple of retirements, but he tried his heart out in every run.  He ended up with a lovely Novice A Course Sheep pass and first place, and three nice Started B Course passes and another first place for one of those. 

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