Neuter Champion & Champion Foxbell Fashion Temptress CCD RN TD HSAs - Blue Merle Collie (Smooth) - 28/09/2012

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Sire: Kirrielock Doctor Love / Dam: Ch. Foxbell Fashion Plate

Tonya, a blue merle bitch, joined the household in late 2013 as a young adult.  She is the second dog in my tiny show team.  She’s a little pocket rocket with a very loving and sweet nature and has got my two sables firmly wrapped around her paw.

Having more nicknames that you can poke a stick at; Smiley (yep, she really does smile), Worm (she’s a total fidget), The Blue Rocket (faster that a speeding bullet), Tontine Pillow (why not?); she mainly gets called Ton Ton because it just suits her happy, silly nature.

Tonya is now in Class 4 (CCD) at Werribee Obedience Club after attending a handful of classes and one Fun Day.  Most of her training is being done at home as I can’t always make it to club as it very often clashes with other training events and competitions.  The speed at which she learns is just incredible - better make sure I don’t slip up and teach her any bad habits.

She has also been training lightly on sheep and showing really nice instinct.  She is calm, measured and consistent in her style, already demonstrating lovely square flanks and commitment to fetch run aways.  She gained her Herding Started A Course Sheep title in May 2017.  In 2017 and 2018 Tonya re-entered the show ring as a neuter and finished her title with some super results - winning Best Neuter in Group at Sunbury Canine Kennel Club and a number of Runner Up in Groups along the way.  Tonya is now fully retired from the show ring.

Tonya sometimes struggles with trials as she is a very sensitive soul and doesn’t particularly like change or unusual surroundings.  That being said, she has started the sport of Tracking in 2019 and it seems to be something she quite enjoys, in her own subdued way.

FUN FACT -  She has a 0 to 10 approach to life, she’s either ON or OFF, there’s rarely middle ground.  Tonya is from the Foxbell ’T’ litter. 

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