Dog Sports

There are a vast array of dog sports in the world of dogs, some I expect many people haven’t heard of.  Collies aren’t suited to all dogs sports, for example Earthdog, but they are one of the more versatile breeds, able to turn their paw to many of them.  Some dogs will excel in a particular sport, while others tend to be more all rounders and can hold their own in quite a few.  I’m a curious person and like to experience different opportunities with my dogs, so I try to keep them involved in as much as I can.  Below I have listed some of the traditional dogs sports and some of the others I know exist although they may not be in practice in Australia. In the following pages I have added more information on the sports my dogs and I are involved in.

For information on some of the other sports beyond the table below, please refer to the Dogs Victoria or ANKC links on the Useful Links page.

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